Barbeque Menus

During the summer months we are able to provide barbeques for you. This can be anything from a hog roast, a whole BBQ lamb, burgers and hot dogs or a big mix up.

Below are a selection of things on offer. They can be served with salads, new potatoes and breads. There is no specific set up for the barbeques, its all really down to your requirements. 

From The Grill

Hog Roast - A hog on a spit, slow cooked and served in white floury baps with coleslaw, fried onions and apple sauce - £15.00 per head

Whole Roasted Lamb - Served with mint yoghurt,mixed leaves in an oversized pitta. - £19.00 per head

Cheese Burgers - Fried onions & relishes in a floured bap.

Hot Dogs - Served in a long bun with fried onions.

Chicken Skewers - A choice of greek, indian or thai style marinades.

Koftes - Minced lamb skewers with North African style spices.

Salmon Skewers - Marinaded in chilli & fennel, served with a lemon crem fraiche.

Sweet Potato & Chick Pea Burgers.

Barbeques are priced individually depending on your requirements, please call us for a quote.