Hot Fork Menu

Our Hot Fork Menu’s will consist of two hot dishes, usually a meat based and a vegetarian main course served with fluffy mash, buttered new potatoes or braised rice. These will be accompanied with a selection of four salads, warm breads & served as a buffet style luncheon with a hot or cold sweet to follow. If the choices below do not suit your needs we can always tailor our menus to suit your requirements.

Hot Dishes


Beef Chuck and Roasted Vegetable Chilli – A mix of hand diced and minced beef, slow cooked with a roasted tomato and chilli sauce

Chicken with Pesto Cream – Strips of chicken lightly sautéed, cooked with griddled peppers in light pesto cream sauce

Barbeque Style Pulled Pork – Slow cooked cuts of pork cooked in a tangy barbeque sauce, fried onions and haricot beans.

Thai Seafood Curry – A mix of fish & shellfish cooked in a light lemongrass and coconut milk sauce

Lamb Tagine – Stewed lamb pieces in a fragrant North African sauce

Winter Stewed Beef in Horseradish Gravy and dumplings – Diced beef pieces with a horseradish gravy and root vegetables.

Thai Green Chicken Curry – Marinated chicken pieces in a fragrant spinach and thai spiced sauce

Cannelloni, Butternut squash & Parmesan – with a butternut squash & sage stuffing, topped with a tomato and herb sauce

Spinach, potato & Chick pea Dahl – A vegetarian style Indian dish, heavily flavored with garlic and chilies, thickened with lentils.

Roasted Sweet Potato, chilli and peanuts – Sweet potatoes, in a Satay style sauce.






All buffets served with fresh leaves, cucumber & tomato salad, & two salads of your choice from the following menu



Leaves – A mix of seasonal leaves, lightly dressed.

Cucumber, tomato, shredded red onion – Quite simple, as it’s written.

Penne, Goats Cheese and Red Pepper – Penne pasta, cooked Al Dente, served in a roasted red pepper & goats Cheese blend

Quinoa & Broccoli – Packed with superfoods including, avocado, edamame and spinach, with a light citrus dressing.

Greek Salad – Slightly different to the classic – In house dried tomatoes, feta cheese, roasted peppers, basil leaves and olives, topping a fine chiffonade of iceberg.

Green Mung Bean and Avocado Salad – Braised mung beans, avocado, and feta, served on iceberg lettuce and coriander.

Coleslaw – With chives and creme fraiche.

Vegetarian Nicoise – French beans, eggs and olives with coss lettuce.

Pickled Red Cabbage and Stilton – Served with walnuts.





To follow the main course we can offer one of the following desserts to bring your lunch to a close.


Hot Syrup Sponge – Served with vanilla custard.

Chocolate Trifle – Chocolate sponge, chocolate custard & whipped double cream on sweetened poached pear pieces.

Lemon meringue Cheesecake – A biscuit base, topped with lemon meringue, served with a berry compote

Champagne Rhubarb Crumble – Served with Crème anglaise

Profiteroles – Served with crème chantilly, chocolate sauce

Bakewell Tart – Warmed, served with vanilla ice cream.

Fresh Fruit Salad – A mix of seasonal fruits.

Continental/British Cheeses - Chutneys and biscuits

£19.95 per head + VAT

The cheeseboard can be added as an extra choice if you wish at a cost of £3.95 a head.

Staff costs are extra.

Chefs £95 + VAT

Waiting Staff £85 + VAT